The Wall 16mm

Nothing gets past "the wall"

"The Wall" is designed to have the largest face possible while also giving players the advantage of having an XR-23 handle. Whether you hold your paddle like a ping pong paddle or just want to be an impassable force at the net, "The Wall" gives you everything you need to dominate in the kitchen.

ProXR Pickleball's Signature "The Wall" features patent pending XR-23 handle technology, proven effective in major sports such as the MLB and NHL. Founded in ergonomics and bio-mechanical science, the unique handle shape optimizes your hand's connection to the paddle to create quicker reload, increased spin and added control. ProXR Pickleball's Signature "The Wall" paddle features the highest quality materials on the market, allowing you to play your best game.

Features and Benefits

What does the 16 mean?

The 16 represents the 16mm core thickness featured in this paddle. A 16mm core gives you the ultimate paddle for net play and control in the kitchen.

Quicker reload, increased spin & added control from an XR-23 handle

Founded in bio-mechanical science and proven in major sports, the ergonomic 23° handle design provides an unmatched connection from player to paddle. From serves to dinks, players immediately notice how effortlessly an XR-23 handle empowers quick execution on any shot. 

The ergonomic design of an XR-23 handle provides players:

  • Quicker reload action thanks to the increased surface area for your hand
  • Increased power and spin through finger placement, guided by the unique 23° design
  • Unmatched control from a firm and ergonomic grip, unlike any other paddle on the market

Unrivaled feel from a premium 3K HDR face

Utilizing a premium 3K carbon material, the face design of "The Wall" paired with TF-dynamics gives players the high definition and responsive feedback expected on each shot.

Consistent shots enhanced by an optimized HEXA core internal structure

ProXR Pickleball paddles feature an optimized HEXA core, specifically engineered and constructed to provide precise shot consistency, demanded by the best of the best.

Approved by the USA Pickleball Association

ProXR Pickleball paddles are fully approved and legal for use in tournament play.


  • Core Material: Polypropylene 
  • Face Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Stated Weight: 8.2 oz,
  • Paddle Length: 16.125"
  • Width: 7.625"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25"
  • Core thickness: 16mm

*Actual weights may vary +/- .2 oz

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